Try triple-action Foamy Glo-N-Go®

Why triple-action? Well, Cleaning Systems Inc. is revolutionizing the carwash industry again with a new Lustra product that builds a rich foam, quickly beads, then instantly crashes into every crevice to eliminate streaking. Foamy Glo-N-Go truly is a three-in-one product that delivers every time for a considerably lower cost-per-car. In addition, it’s multiplier effect not only provides an outstanding polish and shine, but perfectly prepares the surface for other products.

Whether you operate a tunnel, in-bay-automatic, or self-serve wash, Foamy Glo-N-Go will take your customer’s carwash experience to the next level without any equipment retrofit on your end. Plus, because you can add customizable color and scent profiles to the product, Foamy Glo-N-Go will enhance the theater of your entire wash.

Triple-action benefits and then some!


  • Rich foaming lather
  • Quick Beading
  • Fast crashing-no streaking
  • Low cost-per-car
  • Amazing protection and shine


  • Customizable scent and color
  • Perfectly preps for next product
  • Low PH for easy titration
  • Amazing vehicle coverage
  • Compatible with all wash types


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Contact your LUSTRA sales representative and bring Foamy Glo-N-Go’s
triple threat to your carwash’s performance line-up.