Social Media

Get social with CSI®!  CSI® invites you to connect with us via our Lustra® Facebook page, Lustra® Twitter feed, and the new CSI® blog.  In addition to being a great way to connect with CSI® in a social forum, these accounts can be used as a valuable tool for distributors and car wash owners and operators.  Since content generation is a frequent challenge for owners of business social media pages, CSI® welcomes its customers and distributor partners to share content created and posted on our social media platforms.

  • The Lustra® Facebook page is a fun car enthusiast page which adds fresh content a minimum of twice daily.  Customers and distributors are welcome to share any of our posts—thereby adding quality, engaging content to their own page.
  • The Lustra® Twitter feed offers a range of car wash specific and fun social content which can easily be retweeted to a customer or distributor’s base of Twitter followers.