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Istobal Recommends CSI’s Lustra and DynaEdge Products

De Pere, WI – Cleaning Systems, Inc., (CSI), announced today that Rafael Tomas Alfaro, Managing Director for Istobal Automotive Cleaning Solutions, has recommended CSI’s Lustra and DynaEdge products to their distributors and customers, worldwide. In a letter dated April 24, 2012, Alfaro stated that both Lustra and DynaEdge products were “suitable for use with appropriate Istobal equipment” for cleaning of cars and commercial transportation vehicles respectively.

“We have found CSI products provide optimum performance”, said Alfaro. “We are happy to recommend CSI to our distributors and customers worldwide, as they may find [CSI] appropriately suitable for their local needs.”

Dave Krause, President of CSI said, “We are very pleased with this endorsement and appreciate the support from an industry leader like Istobal.”

About Istobal

Since 1950 Istobal has designed, engineered and manufactured vehicle care and automatic washing equipment with the owner, environment and the consumer in mind. Today, with over 40,000 automatics in operation in 67 countries worldwide, Istobal is widely recognized as a world leader in the vehicle washing industry. Today’s modern Istobal line consists of automatic rollovers: touch, contouring touch-free, hybrids and combinations.