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Drum Return Program

Drum Return Program

With the strong increase in the Ultraflex program and a decrease in the conventional drum product sales, the need for recycling drums has decreased tremendously. Additionally, the truckload carrier that we had previously used is no longer in business. This carrier provided very good rates when drum returns were arranged as a back haul on a Lustra product delivery. Our new truck load carriers have not offered these favorable back haul rates and the net result is, in most cases, it will not make economic sense to return drums under our program. Due to this combination of factors, CSI will be ending it drum return/reconditioning program effective December 15th of this year. If you have accumulated drums for return to CSI please make arrangements with us no later than November 30th to have these empties returned.

Going forward, the manufacturer of our drums offers a pick up program through an affiliated company – National Container – where empty drums can be picked up at your site when you have accumulated a minimum number of drums. See details of the National container program below. In many areas there will also be local recycling plants that will take your empty drums and may offer better programs.

National Container Program:

  • Call National Container for free pick-up anywhere within the USA at: 800-774-6956
  • Minimum of 20 – 55 gallon drums. Once this minimum is met, the customer can also send 30 gallon drums back as well, if the minimum is not met – National Container will either not take the load or there will be a charge. A minimum of 8 IBC’s (tote) can also be returned.
  • All containers must be empty with both bungs put back in the drums.
  • Containers will be picked up within 7 business days.

Any questions can be directed to your regional manager or customer service at 800-225-2231.

We appreciate your continued support.