Search Cleaning Systems, Inc.

Gallon Containers

Product Name: Gallon Containers

Subject: Container Improvement


Leaking bottles were investigated by CSI’s bottle manufacturer. It was found that environmental stress cracks were developing near the bottom on some bottles. The bottle manufacturer recommended changing to a more resilient resin to prevent this cracking. New bottles with the new more resilient resin were manufactured and have been used in production at CSI since June 11, 2012. All existing inventory of bottled product was removed from the case and thump tested so any weak bottles could be found and removed before shipping to our distributors or customers.

Immediate action if problem arises:

Identify product involved and refer to SDS instructions for safe handling. After spill is contained, compile information – product number and name, batch number and provide pictures if possible then contact CSI at 800-225-2231.

Long term resolution:

A new resin was adopted for CSI Ultraflex bottles that is stronger and more pliable so this problem should not exist for bottles filled after June 11, 2012. Preventive measures: handle all cases and bottles of Ultraflex with care. Do not stack higher than three cases. Rotate first in / first out. Bottles made after June 11, 2012 should not exhibit environmental stress cracks. Report any leaking bottles to CSI at once, include product number and name, batch number and provide pictures if possible.