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Injector Tips

Product Name: Injector Tips
Subject: Optimizing consistency in chemical metering

It has been brought to our attention that there has been an apparent
variance between same color injector tips making it difficult to obtain
dilution ratios in a consistent manner as desired. This prompted CSI
to conduct a study of injector tips utilizing draw tests in a controlled
environment. The study has found that product is actually being drawn
through the threads of the injector tip and that often more product goes
through the threads than the orifice in the injector tip itself.


Product without o-ring                                             Product with o-ring going
going through the threads.                                      only through the orifice.

Long-term resolution:
We have found that you can obtain more accurate metering of solutions
at given dilution ratios by installing an o-ring on each injector tip. With
the o-ring we were able to gain greater consistency between various
tips of the same color. This will ensure the only solution being drawn
will be through the orifice of the injector. This allows for greater accuracy
and minimizing the amount of solution being drawn from each orifice.
The use of the o-ring is especially important when using Ultra-Lean size
tips but it is recommended to use the o-ring on all 8-32 threaded screw-in
injector tips. Viton O-rings (Part Number #P28010005) are available for

Injector with Green Tip and O-ring