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Lustra Introduces Laundry Detergent 750 to Its Product Offerings

pr_uf750De Pere, WI – Lustra™ Professional Car Care Products announced today the newest addition to its Ultraflex® product line – Laundry Detergent 750. Laundry Detergent 750 is a premium, non-phosphate laundry detergent with optical brighteners and a synergistic surfactant system. The product is designed for washing towels and other items made from natural and synthetic fabrics. Laundry Detergent 750 provides fast removal of oil, particulates, stains and other types of dirt from fabrics simultaneously depositing optical brighteners on fiber leading to cleaner looking towels.

“We recently converted to the Ultraflex Laundry Detergent 750 because we were using Ultraflex throughout the rest of our wash and are completely satisfied,” said Rich Boudakian, Tameric Carwash Equipment and Robin Hood Carwash. “The UF750 product reduced our cost per wash load, decreased the product usage requirements and increased the cleanliness of our towels.”

With optical brighteners and synergistic surfactants, Laundry Detergent 750 will quickly remove oils, particulates, stains and other dirt for cleaner looking towels.