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New and Improved Ultraflex BugGoo 520

Product Name: New and Improved Ultraflex BugGoo 520
Subject: Transition guidelines from the prior version of UF520

Ultraflex BugGoo UF520 was reformulated to provide better, consistent performance across a variety of
conditions. The New & Improved version was recently released and any product labeled with a batch
number of 082013 or any later batch should follow this transition process.

• New & improved UF520 on the left is colored differently to make the new product easily identifiable
from the original product shown on the right. This color change was done intentionally to help
ensure that the two formulations were not mixed together in the reservoir.

• Charging of New & Improved UF520 on top of old product in a reservoir is not recommended as
these two formulations are not compatible.
• Before adding any New & Improved BugGoo UF520 remove all of the original formula UF520 from
the reservoir. Thoroughly rinse the reservoir.
• All lines containing the original formula UF520 BugGoo should be flushed to clear any product from
the line.
• Failure to follow these procedures can lead to clogging and other issues.
• The Product Application Sheet for the New & Improved BugGooUF520 should be used to provide
information for the proper application instructions in conjunction with this Alert to provide