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Lustra Redesigns Its Web Site

Lustra Redesigns Its Web Site

web site redeisnThe CSI Partner app for the iPad has proven to be dynamic in the way it provides information. It is important that our website provides the same dynamic capability while providing the latest up-to-date information and promotional items. That is why we have chosen to mirror the app for our website redesign, with the same navigation and quick links to each division on the top. This will ensure that whether you are using the app or our website, the navigation process will be consistent. However, you will notice that there are items on the app that are not on the website. These items are Training and Manuals, Tools, NewsFlashes, Product Bulletins, Application sheets and pricing. These contain confidential information that is strictly for distributors and sales reps.

The login is now located in the lower right hand corner. This will bring you to a secure version of the website where you will have access to the same functionality of the CSI partner app. In addition, you will see in the upper right hand corner the SMART icon which will bring you to your SMART home page.

Since you will now have access to manuals, application sheets and other items on the secure website, we will no longer list them in SMART. This will allow us to maintain a single database ensuring that the information you are receiving is the most accurate. Click to review Items_Removed_Smart.pdf to see the complete list.

To make the website more user friendly for both operators and you as distributors, we have renamed some sections.

First, we renamed “Industry Marketing” to “Product Information”. In this section we highlight our featured products and have placed marketing materials and videos within these pages that pertain to that product, cutting down the need to navigate from one section to another.

We have also renamed “Consumer Marketing” to “Promotional Marketing”. Under this section we have DesignShop, ExpressShop, Marketing Ideas, Videos and Advertising.

One other important feature that has changed from the app on the secure website is the ability to have product prices appear. In the past there was a small circle in the heading that you clicked on or off to view prices. Now you can double click the bottom button to turn the prices on or off.

The F.A.S.T. form link has also been slightly changed to include Contact Us. This form will be used for suggestions, feedback and as our contact form.

We hope the redesign of the website will be helpful to you and your customers. We are planning to go live with the new site on February 6th. You can preview the new website design at

Through the development of the new website we also recognized room for improvement on the app’s navigation. Once the website has gone live, we will start making changes to the app to have the same navigation as the website.

In order for us to continue to provide new and innovative products and sales tools, your feedback is important. Please use the F.A.S.T. form to submit any feedback or suggestions. Thank you for your continued support and good luck selling.