Search Cleaning Systems, Inc.


Number: 14.01

Product Name: LiquiBase™

Subject: Inconsistencies in the color of LiquiBase™ 030

pb_liquibase_colorExplanation: We have discovered inconsistencies with the color of LiquiBase 030 with variances from the standard light straw color to a very pale color. The lighter colored product will perform with the same quality and performance of the light straw colored product. Users of this product should not be concerned with the performance of LiquiBase.

Immediate action if problem arises: If you encounter any concerns with this product please contact customer service for assistance (800-225-2231).

Long-term resolution and explanation: CSI prides itself on consistent product quality. When this color variation was first detected an investigation began by our R & D team. That investigation led to the manufacturer of one particular ingredient of LiquiBase, which impacts its color. It was discovered by the manufacturer that this raw material is affected by cold temperatures and will lose its natural color when exposed to cold temperatures, however, the raw material is not otherwise impacted and will still perform properly. We now understand this anomaly and are taking steps to eliminate the color variances in the future. Users of LiquiBase can rest assured that the performance, metering, and effectiveness of the product are not affected by color variation.