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Certain Fragrances are not recommended for use with Checkhubs

Product Name: Ultra concentrated fragrances

Subject: Certain fragrances are not recommended for use with Checkhubs

Explanation: These fragrances (UF600, UF604, UF606 and UF608) are not recommended for use with CSI Checkhubs (P21000013). The fragrances react with the diaphragm material in the Checkhub, which can negatively impact the Checkhub’s performance. These fragrances can cause the diaphragm to swell too much in size causing the Checkhub to fail.

Immediate action if problem arises: For fragrances listed above, it is recommended that a dual injector or a ¼” Y barbed connector with an in-line Check Valve be used on each chemical draw leg to add these fragrances.

Long-term resolution and explanation: When using these fragrances: UF600, UF604, UF606 and UF608, utilize an alternative to a Checkhub. If a Checkhub is desired for use, use alternate fragrance such as UF602, UF603, UF607 and UF609. These fragrances don’t negatively affect the Checkhub’s performance.