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Cleaning Systems, Inc. of De Pere, Wisconsin, introduces the new iLevel Ultrasonic Monitoring System.

This week, Cleaning Systems, Inc. will formally introduce its newest technology, the iLevel Ultrasonic Monitoring System, to the car wash industry. This new, cutting edge technology provides advanced chemical level monitoring to car wash owners and operators, and provides real time, instant alerts of critical chemical level indicators to car wash management teams. In addition, the iLevel system represents the latest in car wash chemical inventory management for the industry, and offers a complete web based reporting solution for car wash owners and operators. This Ethernet based technology is compatible with Ultraflex Reservoirs and is capable of operating from any 120V 60hz or 240V 50hz outlet, with one iLevel control system box providing monitoring of up to 12 chemical containers.

The iLevel Ultrasonic Monitoring System represents a two tiered platform for improved car wash management and performance. At the first, direct access tier of system application, the technology will maximize performance of the individual car wash through effective chemical level management. At the second tier, advanced, web based backend reporting will provide a complex analysis of car wash performance and costs, facilitating increased efficiency and profitability for operators.

Cleaning Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of cleaning and protection products for the transportation industry. Founded in 1976, Cleaning Systems, Inc. is based in De Pere, Wisconsin, and is an ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004 registered company. Cleaning Systems, Inc. President, David Krause was quoted as saying: “As an organization, we are excited to introduce the iLevel System to the industry. After years of research and development, we believe this advanced technology will revolutionize chemical inventory management and performance for our car wash customers and partners both nationally and internationally.”

Questions about the new iLevel Ultrasonic Monitoring System should be directed to Pat Fredrickson at (920)562-7663 or via e-mail