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New SMART Email Address

Date: 5/15/2015

From: John Doe

Subject: New SMART Email Address


  • Cleaning Systems, Inc.
  • 1997 American Blvd.
  • De Pere, WI 54115

Contact: John Doe

In order to overcome an issue where our SMART mails were thought to be spam and were being blocked at the recipient’s end, it has been necessary to change the sending party’s email address. This change, effective immediately, will allow our SMART mails to get through to the intended recipients. SMART mails will now feature the following sender email address: Responses sent back to this SMART mail will be delivered to the initiator of the SMART mail.

Example: John Doe sends a SMART site visit report to Joe Smith of Super Car Wash. Joe will see an email, but when he opens it, it will display – from: John Doe as the sender. If Joe hits reply to this email it will be delivered back to John’s email account. If you feel the email needs more personalization, you can add your name or company name to the subject line prior to sending.

This also resolves the problem some experienced with DeSign Shop and ExPress Shop proofs being blocked.

Please contact customer service at 800-225-2231 or with any questions.