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Notice of Product Name Change: “SuperDry” to UF400 Drying Agent

Effective immediately, the Lustra Ultra Concentrate product previously known as “Super Dry” will be named UF400 Drying Agent. This change relates to the product name only; there is no formulation change to the product.

UF400 Drying AgentPlease note that all Lustra brochures, online product listings, and SDS sheets have been changed to reflect the name change to UF400 Drying Agent. Please note that as product is delivered with new UF400 labels, the label may not match current customer reservoir labels indicating “Super Dry”. Please inform Lustra Customer Service at if new reservoir labels are needed for your customers.

If you have any questions or concerns about this product name change, please feel free to contact Mercedes Mannino at (920)337-4420, or via email at