Search Cleaning Systems, Inc.

New and improved formula of Lustra® UF205 Low pH Presoak

In response to distributor feedback, CSI® is proud to introduce a new and improved formula of Lustra® UF205 Low pH Presoak.  Over time, low quality stainless steel materials, (anything less than 316 SS), are subject to varying levels of corrosion when they are placed in dynamic contact with acidic based wash solutions.  To help address this situation, the CSI R&D team has now developed a corrosion inhibitor and incorporated it into our UF205 cleaner.  With this product improvement we have significantly reduced the effect on these lower-grade stainless steel parts.

You can expect the same great performance and cost targets from UF205, and now also rely on it to slow the corrosive impact on parts and extend their lifespan.  Whenever possible, we still strongly encourage the use of only higher quality stainless materials, but this new and improved formula will help when 316 SS isn’t available.

Effective immediately, all orders for UF205 will be fulfilled with the new and improved formula.  For the next six months you will see the “new and improved” stickers on UF205 packages.  There is no change to the product pricing.  The new and improved product is fully compatible with the previous formulation and can be charged into the reservoir with residual product.  The SDS for this product remains unchanged from previous UF205 SDS.

CSI® strives to continually improve the performance of our products in response to industry trends and customer needs.  Your feedback is always invited and appreciated.  Thank you for your continued support and partnership with CSI®!