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CSI® Announces Technological Breakthrough

Cleaning Systems, Inc. (CSI) of De Pere, Wisconsin has announced the introduction of a new product, UF427, Foamy Glo-N-Go®.  The product will be formally introduced to the global car wash industry at the International Car Wash Association Show in Nashville May 9th-11th.  CSI distributors from around the world were introduced to the product yesterday on the company’s pre-show webinar.

Foamy Glo-N-Go® is the professional car wash industry’s first fast crashing, low pH foaming protection product that speeds drying and delivers amazing protection and shine.  It can be effectively used in tunnel, in-bay automatic, and self-serve washes, and is fortified with silicone-based functional additives that provide substantive surface protection to vehicles.  Foamy Glo-N-Go® effectively coats vehicles in a thick rich lather which crashes instantly when rinsed; preventing foam from accumulating behind crevices, behind chrome, or in other hidden parts of the vehicle.  In addition, the product creates a “multiplier effect”, meaning that it conditions and prepares the surface of the vehicle making it ready for the next product, and ensuring the next product’s maximum performance.

Mercedes Mannino, CSI’s Director of Marketing, was quoted as saying “Frequently when consumer products are named, their names are selected simply based on what is most likely to entice consumers. However, in the case of Foamy Glo-N-Go®, the name has specific meaning relative to the product’s key features and benefits.  In addition to creating rich lather that will deliver superior drying and shine, the fast crashing foam ensures that foam will dissipate instantly when contact is made with water.  Truly, the name says it all…customers will FOAM, GLOW, and GO with Foamy Glo-N-Go®.”

Dave Krause, President and CEO of CSI® was quoted as saying, “Over the past 40 years, a consistent commitment to innovation has been a core value of CSI.  Foamy Glo-N-Go® and its revolutionary foaming technology are excellent examples of this commitment to innovation in action.  After extensive research, development, and testing, we are proud to introduce this product.  We are confident that this fast crashing, low pH foaming protection product will deliver excellent vehicle protection and shine, and will keep consumers coming back time and again to their local car wash featuring Foamy Glo-N-Go®.


Cleaning Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of cleaning and protection chemical products, as well as chemical application technology, for the transportation industry globally.  Founded in 1976, Cleaning Systems, Inc. is based in De Pere, Wisconsin, and is an ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004 registered company, whose products are known for high quality, value, effectiveness, environmental sustainability, as well as cutting edge, industry leading technology.  CSI’s product lines include Lustra®, servicing the professional car wash industry, including Ultraflex® ultra concentrated technology, as well as a full line of commercial transportation cleaning products, and an array of chemical application technology solutions.   

Questions about Foamy Glo-N-Go® or its introduction should be directed to Mercedes Mannino at (920)337-4420 or via e-mail at