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Foamy Glo-N-Go Sell Sheet Available

Good Afternoon CSI® Distributors!

Attached you will find a new “sell-sheet” designed to assist with your Lustra® sales efforts!  The sheet promotes CSI’s latest technological breakthrough, Foamy Glo-N-Go®.

Foamy Glo-N-Go® is the car wash industry’s first fast crashing, low pH foaming protection product that speeds drying and delivers amazing protection and shine.  Fast crashing foam coats vehicles in thick, rich, lather which crashes instantly when contact is made with water.  As a result, foam is not left in vehicle crevices, behind chrome, or in other hidden parts of the vehicle; thus preventing any streaking from foam “emerging” when a customer drives away from the wash.  In addition, the product creates a “multiplier effect”, meaning that it conditions the vehicle’s surface; preparing it for the next product in the wash, and ensuring that product’s maximum performance.  Truly, the name says it all…your customers will FOAM, GLOW, and GO with Foamy Glo-No-Go®.

Please feel free to print or e-mail this sell sheet to existing customers, as well as prospects your sales teams are targeting.  In addition, this sell sheets can be conveniently accessed online at, or on the CSI® Partner App.  A screen shot of the landing page, with an arrow pointed toward the Foamy Glo-N-Go® sell sheet is shown below for your reference.  We are hoping the piece will support your sales efforts, as well as reinforce excitement about CSI and Lustra® throughout your territories!

Thanks, and Happy Selling!

sds sheet