Search Cleaning Systems, Inc.

Expanded Product Offerings

As we mentioned during our pre-show webinar, CSI® has had requests to offer some of our traditional Lustra® conventional concentrated products in packaging that is compatible with the Ultraflex® System.  Recent manufacturing improvements have increased capacity which will enable CSI® to meet this request.

CSI® believes that these new Ultraflex® Compatible product offerings will be marketable to both current concentrate customers and current Ultraflex® System customers.

For current concentrate customers, the new products will enable the introduction of the benefits of the Ultraflex® System, including:

  • Ergonomic benefits of 1 gallon containers
  • Ability to top off the container rather than wait for the entire container to run empty
  • Elimination of need to move supply tubing
  • Greater convenience without having to transfer remaining product from old container to new
  • ZERO WASTE: Complete use of all product in the container

For current Ultraflex® System customers, the expanded product offerings will provide additional product choices, and will enable the supply of time-honored products in the revolutionary Ultraflex® packaging system.

New Ultraflex® System compatible product offerings will be available in one gallon containers, with four gallons per case, and will include:

  • 2550 – Low pH Polish, Blue (Raspberry Scent)
  • 2551 – Low pH Polish, Red (Raspberry Scent)
  • 2552 – Low pH Polish, Yellow (Raspberry Scent)
  • 0445 – BugGoo®
  • 1800 – Foam-It® Body Shampoo
  • 2301 – Pearl Sealant & Drying Agent – Lemon

These expanded product listings will join the existing conventional concentrated products already available in one gallon containers:

  • 1702 – Spray-N-Shine®
  • 1705 – Tire Jelly®
  • 1720 – ProSheen®
  • 2603 – Vision®
  • 2604 – Streak-Free®
  • 1905 – LiftOff®

New Ultraflex® System compatible products will be available at approximately the same price per gallon as current five gallon containers, and the same discount structure as current conventional products will apply.

New products can be ordered by contacting your CSI®/Lustra® representative, or by calling CSI® Customer Service at 800/225-2231, or by emailing

Thank you, and happy washing!