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BugGoo Incompatibility between 0445 and UF520

Issue:  Notice of BugGoo® 0445 (Conventional Concentrate) and BugGoo® UF520 (Ultra-Concentrate) Incompatibility


It is important to note that while both 0445 and UF520 carry the name “BugGoo®”, these products are not compatible with one another and cannot be combined.

To avoid confusion, product labels for BugGoo® 0445 will carry a warning of “Not compatible with UF520”, and product labels for BugGoo® UF520 will carry a warning of “Not compatible with 0445”.  Please note product labels shown below.  Reservoir labels for these products will carry the same warnings.

Assistance:  Contact your Regional Sales Manager or CSI customer service at 920-337-2175 with any questions.

BugGoo 0445 and UF520 incompatibility