Search Cleaning Systems, Inc.

No Freeze Plan

Supplying Methanol during the winter months continues to pose challenges.  We do need to consolidate orders to make these products financially workable.   We have worked with our supplier to follow the same program we implemented last year:

  • There will be the following order periods for this winter:
    • Order by Oct. 7 for shipping by Oct. 24.
    • Order by Oct. 28 for shipping by Nov. 14.
    • Order by Nov. 30 for shipping by Dec. 12.
    • Order by Dec. 30 for shipping by Jan. 16.
  • The quantity of No Freeze needed is be emailed to and also advise the following:
    • If the order is to be combined with an additional product order, then that order is to be submitted in the standard manner and received by Oct. 19, Nov. 9, Dec. 7, or Jan. 11 respectively.
    • If the No Freeze is to ship on its own, it will ship as soon as available.

This consolidation program allows us to offer the no freeze products at the same price as last year:

Item#                    Description                                         Price

1370-30                No-Freeze Foaming Blue               $404.00

1371-30                No-Freeze Foaming Red                $404.00

1371-55                No-Freeze Foaming Red                $697.00

1372-30                No-Freeze Foaming Yellow          $404.00

1373-30                No-Freeze Foaming White           $404.00

Please communicate with your No Freeze customers to help them anticipate their needs for the winter to avoid missing one of the ordering periods.

If you have any questions regarding the ordering process, please contact customer service at 800.225.2231 or