Search Cleaning Systems, Inc.

Winter Shipping Reminder

Our seasonal winter weather will soon be upon us and to assure timely delivery service, we want to remind you of important winter shipping information.  Since LTL shipments typically transfer at multiple freight terminals, the potential for unexpected delays is always present and becomes a greater concern during the winter shipping season.   Proper inventory management and timely ordering is the best way to not only safeguard against running low on product, it is also more cost effective to stock up with larger orders that are eligible for quantity discounted pricing and free freight.
Cold weather affects orders in all regions of the U.S. and Canada, so please take special note of the following guidelines:

  • If the temperature drops to 10° F, or is predicted to do so, most shipping companies will not pick up LTL shipments marked “Do Not Freeze” since they would be liable for any resulting claims.
  • Orders for stock items should be placed on or before a Friday for shipment the following week since some freight companies only pick up Mon-Wed to avoid the possibility of shipments freezing over the weekend.  Orders for non-stock and special order items should be placed well in advance to avoid possible delays.

As per the standard receiving protocol, it is critical that all shipments are carefully inspected prior to signing the freight bill, verifying that the shipment is complete, and not visibly frozen or damaged in any way.  If there is an issue with the shipment, that must be noted on the freight bill. Without the notation, CSI cannot be responsible if a problem develops, as we have no recourse with the carrier.

During this holiday season, CSI will be closed on the following dates:
Thanksgiving                  Thursday, November 24th and Friday, November 25th
Christmas                        Friday, December 23rd and Monday December 26th
New Year’s Day              Monday, January 2nd

Please be aware that the December holidays do limit LTL shipping during those two weeks.   Full truckloads will be relatively unaffected.   Our recommended order date for product to deliver before Christmas is Monday, December 5th(Please remember that this is only a guideline as weather conditions may impact shipping schedules.)

Please contact customer service at 800-225-2231 or  if you have any questions.

We appreciate your business and wish you all a successful winter washing season.