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Drying Agents & Sealants Product Update

Subject:  Drying Agents & Sealants Product Update Bulletin

Date:  December 7, 2016

GHS is a program developed by the United Nations and adopted by OSHA to provide a common and coherent approach to defining and classifying haz­ards, and communicating information on labels and safety data sheets for chemicals. As chemical suppliers update safety information to GHS standards it impacts the classification and labeling of CSI’s finished products.  CSI’s focus over the last 12 months has been on validating and adopting the new information to correctly update finished product chemical classifications communicated on Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and product labels.

A group of CSI’s products that have been impacted by these updates are the Drying Agents & Sealants.  Throughout the car wash industry these types of products are produced with chemicals that are high in solvents and contain some corrosive ingredients. CSI products have been tested by third party accredited laboratories and this information was used to properly classify CSI’s Drying Agents & Sealants.

The following products have been impacted by these GHS updates.

  • 2303      Dri-Max® Drying Agent
  • UF440   LustraShield® with BDR 440
  • UF441   LustraShield® with BDR 441 Grape
  • UF443   LustraShield® Clear 443 Grape
  • UF431   LustraFoam® with Carnauba Wax
  • UF400   Drying Agent 400
  • UF405   Pearl Black
  • DF010   DynaShield® Ultra 010

During this process formulations were analyzed.  To optimize performance, a change was made to UF400 to enhance its hydrophobicity.  This change may be visible as the product may appear slightly darker in color than it has in the past.  The new UF400 is totally miscible with the current version, so there are not special procedures to move to this new improved formula.  Also, there are no changes needed to product setups as you move to the new improved formula.

The updated classifications include health hazard warnings for eye & skin corrosivity and aspiration toxicity.  In addition, due to the corrosivity of the products, a D.O.T.  transportation warning will be added for the appropriate class and packing group for corrosive materials.

If you have any questions on the changes and updates to Drying Agents & Sealants, please send your questions to or reach out to the customer service department.



Pamela Havelka-Rivard

Quality and Chemical Compliance, Sr. Manager