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CSI® Introduces Our New MixMizer®

We are happy to introduce our New MixMizer® to our accessory line.

Our MixMizer brings out the highest performance from any of our protection and drying agent products and it also saves usage, eliminates residue and nozzle clogging in your Tunnel or In Bay Automatic.  If you’re using a hydrominder, dosing pump, dosatron or any non-pressurized chemical delivery system, then you will want a MixMizer for all your protection products. 

The nature of protection products is to repel and separate water, so mixing them consistently with water is difficult but our MixMizer will create the level of mixing action required to give you the highest possible water-breaking action.  Its stationary element will not only give you greater performance and lower usage but it will also help increase your productivity by eliminating clogged nozzles due to poor chemical homogenous mixing and can be installed in only a matter of minutes.  The fittings can be easily adapted to fit nearly any line configuration that you have in your Tunnel and can be ordered directly from CSI.


Part #: P94004000                       Description: MIXMIZER®                 Price: $59.00



Please contact your Regional Sales Manager or Customer Service at 920-337-2175 or with any questions.