Search Cleaning Systems, Inc.

New Accessories

CSI is committed to providing accessories that maximize product performance and wash results.   We are continually working with the latest developments in chemical technology, testing new materials as they become available to ensure we are utilizing the best options that exist.

We have 2 new accessories available now…


  1. The Lighted Spade                           Part #: P49020004                                          Price: $12.00                          Description: HARNESS SOLENOID SPADE COIL W/LED

The Mizer panel is now offered with an optional LED in the solenoid harness that visually indicates when a solenoid coil is active.  Designed with an independent circuit, the green LED imbedded in the connector will turn on and remain on for the duration of the application for both air and water simultaneously.  This visual indicator aids in troubleshooting and helps quickly determine if the correct products are being utilized for each wash package.




  1. HFI Adaptor                                       Part #: P91010030                             Price: $9.50                                             Description: QUICK COUPLING ADAPTOR .375 SS

A new adaptor fitting, machined out of stainless steel, will allow our injectors to easily connect to Hydra-Flex Systems.  This adaptor threads onto a CSI injector using 3/8 – 18 NPT threads, allowing it to be inserted into one of the quick disconnects on Hydra-Flex Systems.


Please contact your Regional Sales Manager or Customer Service at 920-337-2175 or with any questions.