Search Cleaning Systems, Inc.

CSI® Introduces New Ultra-Concentrated Blend 107 Performix®

After extensive laboratory and field testing, we are pleased to introduce our new Blend 107 Performix®.

Blend 107 Performix is an ultra-concentrated liquid component of alkaline presoaks for touchless car washes.  The product contains highly effective surfactants, for quick penetration of road film and maximum cleaning, that have hard water tolerant capabilities.  Blend 107 Performix emulsifies oil components in dirt on car surfaces.  Blend 107 utilizes both non-ionic surfactants (NPEs) and phosphate chemistry that provides superior cleaning and clarifies reclaim systems.

Blend 107 is intended for use together with Alkaline Base 031, LiquiBase 030 or Granular Base 1050 for making a variety of presoaks.  When Blend 107 Performix is combined with Granular Base™ the resulting mixture provides a convenient space saving liquid presoak alternative to Conventional Concentrate Performix® 1230.  Blend 107 Performix creates greater economic savings by reducing the footprint needed for storage and reducing transportation costs to sites; while at the same time providing superior cleaning no matter the water quality.

Blend 107 Performix will give you a strong new offering to grow your business and bring greater value to your customers!

Part #: UF107               Description: BLEND 107 PERFORMIX – 4-GAL CASE              Price per case: $270.00

Please contact your Regional Sales Manager or Customer Service at 920-337-2175 or with any questions.