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CSI® Introduces New Checkhub and Flowhub

CSI has designed a new and improved Checkhub and Flowhub that is more versatile and able to handle multiple size tubing as well as accommodate push-to-connect fittings.  The new design will make removing the chemical feed tube to change tip sizes much easier.  Instead of having to cut or heat the tube to remove from a hose barb.  The assembly was designed with a tight fit and angled draft to provide a leak-free fit, while ensuring that the tube will be able to remove easily.  The new Checkhub will be available in Viton and Kalrez and we recommend the Kalrez version for all fragrances (UF600-UF609) and solvent-based products.

We will offer remaining old-style inventory at a special reduced price while supplies last.

Items available at a special reduced price while supplies last:

P21000014           FLOWHUB 1TO3 .25 BARBS PP                                 Old Price = $7                 New reduced price = $6
P21000032           CHECKHUB DIAPHRAGM 3TO1 VITON ETP PP       Old Price = $17               New reduced price = $12
P21000036           CHECKHUB DIAPHRAGM 3TO1 KALREZ PP             Old Price = $25               New reduced price = $15
Please note:  P21000013           CHECKHUB DIAPHRAGM 3TO1 VITON PP is out of stock and no longer available.


New and Improved Checkhub and Flowhub:
Part #: P21000047                     Description: FLOWHUB 1TO3 POSTS PP                                           Price each: $10.00
Part #: P21000046                     Description: CHECKHUB ASSY DIAPHRAGM 3TO1 VITON PP       Price each: $12.00
Part #: P21000044                     Description: CHECKHUB ASSY DIAPHRAGM 3TO1 KALREZ PP      Price each: $20.00
                                                                                                                                   (identified with a red dot)


Picture below shows the old-style body on the left / new-style body on the right:

Please contact Pat Fredrickson at 920-337-4464 or with any questions.