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New & Improved UF311/UF312

CSI® Announces New & Improved Ultra-Concentrated Polishes 311 & 312 Cherry Blue/Red

We are pleased to announce New & Improved Ultra-Concentrated Polishes 311 & 312 Cherry Blue/Red.

Lustra’s Ultra-concentrated high foaming polishes are totally reformulated as a low pH product. They produce a rich foam, vibrant color show, and an appealing cherry scent, all while improving flow consistency. These New & Improved products will show excellent synergistic effects with sealants and drying agents, such as UF400 or UF421, enhancing their advanced water beading technologies.

Part #: UF311 and UF312      Price for a 4-gallon case: $203.00        Description: POLISH  CHERRY Blue and Red       




Description: Enhanced water beading with New & Improved product


Additional Information on New & Improved UF311 and UF312:

  1. The recommended best practice for switching over products is to empty out the old product and clean the reservoir before adding new product.  However, you may use as much of old product as possible from the reservoir, and then charge the reservoir with new product on top of residual old product. When adding new product to the old product it is best to make sure there is less than 10% of old product remaining in the reservoir, since the two formulas have different chemical compositions and densities which will require some stirring to get a homogeneous system.
  2. Special instructions included on the application sheet are as follows:  Copper and copper-based alloys should not be used with New & Improved UF311 and UF312 due to extensive corrosion in an acidic environment.