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New “Clear” ChemPod

CSI announces the new ChemPod with a see-through sump allowing the user to immediately visualize fluid levels and confirm float switch position.  The clear sump is a great option for new ChemPod users as a visual aid in showing the functionality and troubleshooting of the device.  Made from a co-Polypropylene material, it is inert to many products except for the following ultra-concentrated chemicals:

Products:  UF104, UF220, UF222, UF280                      All Fragrances:  UF600 – UF609

If these products are used, then CSI recommends utilizing the blue sump model P91030001 for its resistance to these chemicals.

Part #: P91030010                 Description: CHEMPOD ASSEMBLY, CLEAR                      Price: $615.00

Contact your Regional Sales Manager or Pat Fredrickson at 920-337-4464 or to learn more about the new Clear ChemPod and see the CSI difference.