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Optimizing Consistency in Chemical Metering Utilizing O-rings

Optimizing Consistency in Chemical Metering Utilizing O-rings

Date: 3/6/18

Product: Metering Tip O-rings

Subject: Optimizing Consistency in Chemical Metering



To best assist our customers in metering chemistry through injector screw-in tips, CSI conducted a study of injector tips utilizing draw test in a controlled environment. We found that product is being drawn through the threads of the injector tip and, in many cases, more product goes through the threads than the orifice in the injector tip.

Long-term resolution:

Our dedicated engineering team verified that installing an O-ring on each injector tip creates a more accurate metering of solutions. Greater consistency is gained with the addition of an O-ring because it ensures the solution will only be drawn through the orifice of the injector. Furthermore, by installing an O-ring to stop seepage through the threads you may then be able to increase the tip/orifice size needed to draw the intended amount of solution for a product application one or two sizes larger, thereby lessening the potential for orifice restriction. The use of the O-ring is especially important when using Ultra-Lean size tips, but it is recommended to use the O-ring on all 8-32 threaded screw-in injector tips.

In Summary:

The addition of an O-ring on the metering tip will reduce/stop thread seepage, create a more consistent draw of chemical, and potentially limit situations that can lead to orifice restriction. We have sourced and inventoried chemical resistant O-rings that are larger in ID than previously offered, and can more easily be installed on injector screw-in tips.

Viton O-rings (Part #P28010012) are available for ordering.

Part #: P28010012
Description: O-RING 1MMX.3MMID VITON 75D 25-PACK

Questions or concerns should be directed to Pat Fredrickson at (920)337-4464 or via email at

  • Using an O-ring will get lower chemical volumes without going to smaller tips
  • Especially important for Ultra-Lean tips
  • Avoid variation with same color tips and get consistent results