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CSI Announces New & Improved ProSheen™

CSI Announces New & Improved ProSheen™

The New and Improved ProSheen has been formulated for optimum gloss and cost effectiveness. It is a solvent-based tire dressing great for hand application or on-line tire dressing machines using pads, sponges, or rotating brushes. Non-staining, ultra-low sling formula leaves an excellent lasting shine. The water-resistant formula does not bleed off tires or machine applicators.

Highlights include:

  • Long-lasting shine enhances customer appeal
  • 50% reduction in sling
  • Improved uniform coverage and no beading (sweating) as the product ages (dries) on the tire
  • Customer trials prove up to 20% reduction in usage per car while achieving high glossy shine on tires

Please note: When using a reservoir, drain the old ProSheen down before mixing in the new ProSheen.

Part #: 1720-30                      Description:   PROSHEEN-30 GAL.            List Price: $1124.00

Part #: 1720-04                     Description:   PROSHEEN-30 GAL.            List Price: $173.00