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CSI Announces New & Improved Tire Jelly™

New and Improved Tire Jelly™ is a water-based silicone tire dressing formulated with extreme/long-lasting shine. Unique formulation designed to promote strong adhesion to tire surface with less sling. Easy application with hand applicators, spray bottles and on-line tire dressing machines using pads, sponges or rotating brushes. A small amount of product will produce an optimal shine on the tire.


Highlights include:

·     Formulated for automatic tire dressing applicators

·     Improved adhesion to tire surface

·     Less usage for long last shine

·     Shine even after 2 weeks

·     Reduced sling


Part #: 1707-30
Description: TIRE JELLY-30 GAL.
List Price: $799.00


Part #: 1707-04
Description: TIRE JELLY-4 GAL.
List Price: $128.00


Please contact your Regional Sales Manager or Customer Service at 920-337-2175 or with any questions.