Search Cleaning Systems, Inc.

CSI’s Safety Bulletin


CSI cares about your safety in all aspects of the handling and use of carwash chemistry.

We want to remind our distributors and customers of the best safety practices for handling car wash cleaning and protection products. These practices are an industry standard and all car wash personnel should be trained on the following aspects:

·     Always use protective eye wear when handling chemicals. (PPE)

·     Always check seals on gallon containers before inversion. Confirm they are secure, because seals at times can be compromised.

·     Use rubber/latex gloves with any contact of chemicals. (PPE)

·     Read and understand caution labels on all chemical products. CSI’s SDS’s are viewable at and/or via the QR code on the label


Please communicate this to all your CSI/Lustra carwash operators.


For further information please follow the link below…—zenith.pdf?sfvrsn=2a290b4b_0


Please contact your Regional Sales Manager or Customer Service at 920-337-2175 or with any questions.