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CSI Introduces The First True Ultra-Concentrated Glass Cleaner!

Vision™ Ultra is the first true ultra-concentrated glass cleaner. It is the most concentrated glass cleaner in the industry providing over 750 spray bottles from one gallon of product. It is a unique blend of cleaners that creates an anti-fogging property and excellent cleaning of organic soils and tough oily films. It is safe for all exterior and interior car surfaces and will not stain non-glass surfaces including polycarbonate. 

The Vision™ Ultra formula will reduce cost while improving performance. Truly a break-through product that will help leave a lasting impression with your customers.

Help your customers see things…CLEARLY! Learn more at Improve your vision to 20/20 with Vision ULTRA.

Please note: Conventional Vision Part #2603 will ONLY be available as Special Order.

Please contact your Regional Sales Manager or Customer Service at 920-337-2175 or with any questions.