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CSI Introduces 2 new formulas for tough conditions and challenging environments

Cleaning Systems, Inc. (CSI) is pleased to introduce two new products for greater cleaning in tough conditions and challenging environments.

UF515 High pH – Alkaline Extender

An enhancer product that, when injected into the chemical stream of a high pH presoak, will increase total alkalinity to give the presoak a stronger solution and break through difficult organic road films on the surface of vehicles. Part #: UF515 Description: High pH – Alkaline Extender – 4 GAL CASE List Price: $120

UF715 Low pH – Acidic Extender

An enhancer product to lower the pH level of any acidic based product and increase overall performance when used during seasonal changes or year-round. Performance values can be achieved through cleaning or drying, giving the ability to utilize the versatility of this product in different areas of the wash process.

Part #: UF715 Description: Low pH – Acidic Extender – 4 GAL CASE   List Price: $135 The Extender products provide convenience and value with their easy dilution ratios, reduced drying time and effectiveness in tough conditions and challenging environments. The result of their use is a much dryer and shinier vehicle.