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CSI Introduces New & Improved #1905 LiftOff® and UF314 Polish Cherry White

De Pere, WI November 14, 2019—Cleaning Systems, Inc. (CSI) of De Pere, Wisconsin is pleased to introduce two new and improved products that have been reformulated to provide customers with an opportunity to remove those tenacious soils and ensure an exceptionally clean, drier and shiny car!

New & Improved #1905 LiftOff® is a non-caustic alkaline cleaner for a wide range of applications including wheel cleaning and presoak applications. It was reformulated with increased alkalinity and a specialty additive that targets break dust and rust for increased soil penetration and removal. This product is safe to clean all types of wheels and vehicle surfaces. The key benefits include:

  •  Highest level of sodium metasilicate in any concentrated liquid product on the market.
  •  Improved product performance for more than tire and wheel cleaning.
  •  Great non-caustic presoak!

New & Improved UF314 Polish Cherry White is an ultra-concentrated high foaming polish that was completely reformulated as a low pH product with higher foam volume and better protective properties.  The newly formulated UF314 produces rich foam and appealing cherry scent. It is best used in low-pressure polish applications in car washes. The outcome also reduces cost per car, while removing foam with less water, and providing a drier car.

According to Dave Krause, President and CEO of CSI, “both products went through a protocol of testing requirements compliant with ISO 9000 standards.  We are very pleased that the outcome of each reformulation provides our customers with improved product performance while reducing cost per car and using less water.”

To learn more about each product go to  #1905 LiftOff® and UF314 Polish Cherry White.

Please contact your Regional Sales Manager or Customer Service at 920-337-2175 with any questions.

About CSI

Cleaning Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of cleaning and protection chemical products, as well as chemical application technology, for the transportation industry globally. Founded in 1976, Cleaning Systems, Inc. is based in De Pere, Wisconsin, and is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 registered company, whose products are known for high quality, value, effectiveness, environmental sustainability, as well as cutting edge, industry leading technology. CSI’s product lines include Lustra®, servicing the professional car wash industry, including Ultraflex® ultra concentrated technology, as well as a full line of commercial transportation cleaning products, and an array of chemical application technology solutions.

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