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CSI Introduces ProShield®- ”The Next Generation Super Sealant!”

Cleaning Systems, Inc. (CSI) of De Pere, Wisconsin is pleased to introduce, ProShield® UF447 the “Next Generation Super Sealant, formulated with Apexamer™ Technology”. ProShield® provides an “apex level of protection” as a result of combining polymers and additives that create a cross-linking effect or “web-like application” of protection. It is a natural mixture that has no artificial fragrances or colors to ensure its flawless and synergistic properties.

What makes ProShield® a “Next Generation Super Sealant”? Apexamer™ Technology is the new industry standard in protection and shine. It is a breakthrough and proprietary chemistry that incorporates cross-linking polymers putting Apexamer at the peak of performance.
CSI developed this technology to increase a vehicle’s surface hydrophobicity, durability against the elements, and protection against UV radiation. All of this is achieved without permanently altering the surface of the vehicle.

Dave Krause, President and CEO states, “this product is being introduced at a time when the industry is amidst great exploration of vehicle polishes. CSI offers advanced sealant and protection products that are the best water dilutable formulations without creating any deactivation of the coating agents. These products provide a very durable and long lasting, yet removable layer of protection.”
What has been tested & true?
· Ultimate UV Protection
· Interlocked coverage that increases total surface gloss and provides longer lasting shine
· Uses web-like application to seal in added surface protection against the elements
· Ensures a drier vehicle surface to lock in the protection
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