Nano-Scratch Resistance Comparison

Many companies have made baseless claims of ceramic car wash products providing scratch resistance. CSI has contracted Rtec instruments to run 3rd party testing on the ability of C-Force™ Ceramic to provide scratch resistance on a clear coated vehicle surface.

These tests were run on their 3D Scratch Tester. This instrument applies small amounts of force through a Rockwell diamond tip and then images the resulting profile. Results show that some current leading ceramic car wash brands lack the ability to effectively prevent nano-scratches on the vehicle surface. Choose C-Force™ Ceramic for TRUE scratch resistance!

The "infused ceramic" solution that surpasses what is expected...

Upon application, C-Force™ offers an advanced seal and protection by use of a deeply penetrating foam. This advanced chemistry has been formulated to create a surface-shield that is soft to the touch, hydrophobic, intensely reflective, and durable to withstand nature's elements. The infused surfactants can also be removed with a standard wash process to eliminate any build-up due to repeated applications with unlimited club members.

Key Attributes
  • Comprehensive foam application for deep penetrating coverage
  • Creates “slick surface” feel
  • Magnified shine
  • Premier water beading & hydrophobic shield
  • Provides "nano-scratch" resistance
  • Refreshing fragrance option UF461 orange-vanilla scent with UV protection
  • Revenue enhancing product for the operators
  • Available in unscented(UF460) and scented(UF461) formulas

Downloadable Sell Sheet

Available Wash Site Marketing

Available Wash Site Marketing Special

UF460 C-Force Ceramic Safety Data Sheet

UF461 C-Force Ceramic Orange-Vanilla Safety Data Sheet

Application Sheet

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