Search Cleaning Systems, Inc.

Crush A Jug

CSI continues to be committed to minimizing the impact of car wash chemicals on the environment and already thousands of back rooms have been cleaned up with the UltraFlex System.   The UltraFlex containers were developed for ease of handling and ability to maximized 100% of the product as well as being easily crushable to take less space in your recycle bin.  Take recycling to the next level with CSI’s new Crush-A-Jug!

Our newly designed Crush-A-Jug is made from stainless steel and reduces the size of the bottle to 1/3 of its original size.  Our jugs were designed to be recyclable and now with the new Crush-A-Jug you can dispose of more jugs in the same amount of space when you transport them to the recycling facility.  Save space & Save the World with Crush-A-Jug!


Part #: P93000001                  Price: $195.00                        Description: ULTRA JUG CRUSHER

jug_crusher4                jug_crusher5

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