Watch the Water Break
Before Your Eyes
Ultra Concentrated
Drying Agent 400 is an ultra concentrated, premium drying agent that incorporates the latest advances in surfactant technology. It causes water to break faster, resulting in a drier car. Drying Agent 400 is designed for use in all types of car wash systems.
  • Value - Fast drying, low water retention time for residual water drops, with average dilution ratio of 1000:1*
  • Convenience - Handy 1-gallon containers
  • Customer Appeal - Customers are pleased when they don't see spots or film residue
Like to see faster drying in action?
Just a few details, and we will show you in person how Drying Agent 400 will dry cars faster - with no residue or water spots.
Product Details:
SKU: UF400

Car Wash Types Friction Tunnel, IBA Friction, IBA Touchless, Self Serve, Touchless Tunnel
Concentration Ultra Concentrate
Brand Lustra, manufactured by Cleaning Systems, Inc.
Features Ultra concentrated Highly effective Advanced surfactant chemistry
Benefits Convenience and value Faster drying Lowest retention time for residual water drops
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