Search Cleaning Systems, Inc.

Earth Ready


Our goal is not only to protect and clean our customers’ vehicles, but to protect the planet in the process. Since 2008, our Earth Ready® environmental program has offered the products, evaluation, and tools necessary for carwash operators and distributors to become better advocates for the environment and ensure the safety of customers and employees. Combined with a full line of environmentally-friendly Earth Ready® products, the program also includes marketing tools to communicate the environmental benefits.

Inside View of Newly Rinsed WindshieldIn addition, our Earth Ready® program promotes the best environmental practices including: drum recycling, iLevel® technology to control product usage and waste, and a reclaim product line to assist washes in regions where water conservation and runoff influence wash operations on a daily basis.
Our comprehensive Earth Ready® product line meets eco-standards compiled from environmental criteria identified by EcoLogoM, the EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE), and European Union (EU) environmental organizations. These products are non-toxic, friendly to the ozone layer and do not contain aromatic solvents, NPE, HF/ABF, or other harmful substances.