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The best just got better. FX2 is the ultimate car wash experience for your customers while helping you increase ticket averages and customer loyalty. The FX Experience is a revolutionary car wash program that combines proven wash formulas from Lustra and CleanTouch with lighting and marketing to turn an ordinary wash into an extraordinary one.


With 9 impactful arches to choose from we can help you build a program that out-shines and out-performs your competition while giving your customers the ultimate experience.

FX adds the drama to make your operation the undisputed, best car wash in your market.

NCS Chemistry by CSI FX arches are the perfect combination for your car wash operation.  Made to retrofit into existing tunnels and car wash bays, FX can instantly refresh your current business with these  profit-boosting arches. The FX arches can also be integrated into your new tunnel solution, working with all brands of  tunnel car wash equipment.

Increased profit, higher ticket average, increased customer loyalty

Break the bond of dirt and grime with our Foam FX arch. Designed for presoak or detergent application, your customers will be greeted with an illuminated green foam show.

Enhance shine and sparkle with the Shine FX arch. Utilize this arch with a low pH foam to neutralize the alkalinity of the vehicle while a purple jewel-toned light shines over your customers.

A rainbow of colored foam lathers the vehicle for a vivid and exciting experience your customers will rave about.

Vehicles are polished to perfection with this fiery application of a foaming polish. Red and yellow lights creates a blazing experience for your customers.

Defend the vehicle’s surface from the outside elements. A rain bar application encompasses the vehicle with a blue light and leaves every surface protected until the next wash.

Simulate the experience of a heated drying chamber with an intense red glow with Dry FX. This step leaves your customers with a clean, shiny, and most importantly, dry vehicle every time.

Reflection gives your customers’ vehicles a gloss and shines like they’ve never seen before! This color-changing Reflection arch
provides a unique show while lathering the vehicle with our mirror finish sealant.

Give your customers the ultimate protection with Ceramic! This ceramic arch lets your customers know they’re getting lathered with protection that will leave their vehicle looking newer for longer.