CSI's Lustra University is an in-person training to help our customers better understand car wash chemistry. The training consists of Chemistry 101, Cleaning Challenges, Chemistry Systems, and (5) Factors of Cleaning:
  • Water Quality
  • Temperature
  • Mechanical Action
  • Time
  • Chemistry

We also diagnose your wash to help optimize the best cleaning plan: layouts, wash packages, etc. and help maximize your menu options and ticket average. The training provides insight to the make-up of our Lustra chemical with hands-on demonstration for safety and use of the products and their compatibility, and general maintenance tips for backroom and bay equipment.

We will be offering these training opportunities throughout the year and can also provide them to you and your team on site. If you are interested in either opportunity please register and we will call you to learn more!
Register here for more information about upcoming training sessions and or to request a session for your team on site.
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