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LustraShield Treatment



2 Steps to Ultimate Shine with the LustraShield Treatment = Foamy Glo-N-Go UF427 + LustraShield UF441

Benefits of the LustraShield® Treatmentbutterfly-002

Foamy Glo-N-Go® benefits:

  • Fast Crashing Foam
  • Prepares surface for maximum impact  for next product
  • Shine “Multiplier Effect”

Foamy Glo-N-Go enhances the experience by having an abundance of foam on the car just prior to LustraShield being applied.

Foamy Glo-N-Go is the car wash industry’s first fast crashing, low pH foaming protection product that speeds drying and delivers amazing protection and shine.  Fast crashing foam coats vehicles in thick, rich, lather which crashes instantly when contact is made with water.  As a result, foam is not left in vehicle crevices, behind chrome, or in other hidden parts of the vehicle; thus preventing any streaking from foam “emerging” when a customer drives away from the wash.  In addition, the product creates a “multiplier effect”, meaning that it conditions the vehicle’s surface; preparing it for the next product in the wash, and ensuring that product’s maximum performance.

LustraShield® benefits:

  • Nano-scale level
  • Lock in Shine & Grape Fragrance
  • Total Surface Gloss
  • Brake Dust Repellent (BDR)

When LustraShield gets applied, it fills in all the crevices at a nano-scale level – locks in the shine and fragrance so customers are reminded of their great car wash experience for days.


Premium Total Surface Gloss with iridescent brighteners, ultraviolet protection and Advanced brightening Polymers that bond to the vehicle, producing a smooth surface and increasing the vehicle’s gloss. Rinse water virtually explodes off the vehicle’s surface. Includes BDR to repel brake dust, protect from road grime and winter road chemicals. Pleasing grape scent and purple color in the product.

Your customers will come back for more and want the top package