Ultra Concentrated
with BDR® Brake Dust Repellent
441 Purple Grape
color and scent
LustraShield® contains Advanced Brightening Polymers that bond to the vehicle, producing a smooth, high gloss surface with enhanced shine that will bring customers back to your top package again and again.
LustraShield®'s iridescent brighteners, ultraviolet protection and Advanced Brightening Polymers that bond to the vehicle puts this nano-level sealant in a class alone. Rinse water virtually explodes off the vehicle's surface. LustraShield® contains BDR® to repel brake dust, and protect from road grime and winter road chemicals. Pleasing grape scent and purple color in the product.
  • Premium nano-level sealant
  • High gloss finish
  • Fast water break
  • Beading ability
  • Ultra concentrated
  • UV protection
Give us your details below, and learn more about how Premium Nano-Level Sealant LustraShield® can LOCK-IN SHINE on your customers' vehicles.
Product Details:
LustraShield® 441
SKU: UF441

Car Wash Types Friction, Tunnel, IBA Friction, IBA Touchless, Self-Serve
Concentration Ultra Concentrate
Brand Lustra, manufactured by Cleaning Systems, Inc.
Features High Foaming, Low pH, Titratable, Ultra Concentrated
Benefits Convenience and value, customer appeal, easy rinsing and neutralizing alkaline presoaks, quickly determine dilution ratio
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