Car Wash Marketing

The Lustra® Marketing Team is here to support YOUR success. From menu signs to arches, pump toppers to counter mats, drum covers to cones, and everything in between, Lustra has everything you need to bring a little AWESOME to your wash! Through the Design Shop, Lustra customers can customize stock designs or create custom marketing pieces that match the style and personality of their individual wash. In addition, our team of Lustra designers offer ideas and create exactly what you always dreamed of!




MiraShield® Process Arch
LustraFoam Mini Pump Topper
Earth Friendly Lake Windmaster
BugGoo Windmaster
LustraFoam Drum Cover
BugGoo Drum Cover
BugGoo Banner
Wheel Cleaner Backlit
Clear Coat Protectant Poster
Try Our Car Wash Tear Drop Banner
Triple Foaming Conditioner Poster
Earth Friendly Stream Windmaster
LustraFoam Poster
LustraFoam Pump Topper
LustraFoam Tear Drop Banner
LustraFoam Windmaster
LustraFoam Yardsign
SHINE ON Tear Drop Banner
Rust Inhibitor Backlit
Pump Topper Menu - Pink Bubble Background
Earth Friendly Recycling Windmaster
Earth Friendly Water Reuse Windmaster
Foamy Glo-N-Go Banner
LustraFoam Arch
Foamy Glo-N-Go Yard sign
Foamy Glo-N-Go Windmaster
LustraFoam Banner
Foamy Glo-N-Go Pump Topper
Foamy Glo-N-Go Poster
LustraFoam Countermat
Foamy Glo-N-Go Countermat
Foamy Glo-N-Go Arch
Earth Ready Benefits Poster
Earth Ready Windmaster
Earth Ready Pump Topper
Earth Ready Poster
Earth Ready Mom Windmaster
Earth Ready Mom Pump Topper
Earth Ready Mom Poster
Earth Ready Mom Countermat
Earth Ready Countermat
LustraFoam Backlit
Wheel Cleaner Poster
Foaming Polish Backlit
LustraShield Arch - purple
Clear Coat Protectant Backlit
LustraShield Banner
LustraShield Countermat
Triple Foaming Polish Poster
LustraLava Tear Drop Banner
LustraShield Poster
LustraShield Pump Topper
Tire Dressing Poster
LustraShield Tear Drop Banner
LustraShield Windmaster
Foaming Polish Poster
LustraShield Yard sign
LustraLava Windmaster
LustraShield Arch
LustraLava Drum Cover
LustraLava Gate Arm 2
Menu Pump Topper
LustraShield Gate Arm
LustraLava Marketing items
LustraLava Arch
LustraFoam Arch - Blue
LustraLava Gate Arm
LustraLava Antenna
LustraFoam Gate Arm
Lustra Seal & Shine Arch
LustraFoam Antenna
LustraLava Bonanza
Lustra Tear Drop Banner
Mini Pump Topper Menu
LustraShield Mini Pump Topper
Foamy Glo-N-Go Mini Pump Topper
Proudly Featuring Lustra Yard Sign
Give your Car A Hug! YardSign
Try Our Touch Free Car Wash Yard Sign
Thank You Yard Sign
Customized Banner
Featuring Banner
Polish Banner
Try Our Touch Free Car Wash Banner
Thank You Banner
LustraShield Drum Cover
Foamy Glo-N-Go Drum Cover
LustraFoam Self-Serve Sign
Clear Coat Sealant Self-Serve Sign
Foam Brush Detergent Self-Serve Sign
High Pressure Detergent Self-Serve Sign
Self Serve Instruction Sign
Bilingual Self Serve Instruction Sign
Low Pressure Presoak Self-Serve Sign
Foamy Glo-N-Go Self-Serve Sign
BugGoo Self-Serve Sign
LustraShield Self-Serve Sign
Triple Foaming Polish Self-Serve Sign
Low Pressure Purple Presoak Self-Serve Sign
Foaming Polish Self-Serve Sign
Spot Free Rinse Self-Serve Sign
Tire & Wheel Cleaner Self-Serve Sign
Tri-Foam Brush Detergent Self-Serve Sign
Clear Coat Protectant Windmaster
Car Wash Featuring Windmaster
Foaming Polish Windmaster
Triple Foam Polish Windmaster
Try our Touch Free Car Wash Windmaster
Thank You Windmaster
Tire Dressing Windmaster
Wheel Cleaner Windmaster
Spring Bugs - Facebook Post
New Year (Start Fresh) - Flyer/Coupon
New Year (Start Fresh) - Twitter Post
Show your car some Love! (February) - Banner
Show your car some Love! (February) - Facebook Post
Show your car some Love! (February) - Flyer/Coupon
Show your car some Love! (February) - Poster
Show your car some Love! (February) - Twitter Post
Sizzilin' Summer Savings - Banner
Sizzilin' Summer Savings - Flyer/Coupon
Sizzilin' Summer Savings - Facebook Post
Sizzilin' Summer Savings - Poster
Sizzilin' Summer Savings - Twitter Post
Spring Bugs - Banner
Spring Bugs - Flyer/Coupon
New Year (Start Fresh) - Banner
Spring Bugs - Poster
Spring Bugs - Twitter Post
Spring Cleaning - Banner
Spring Cleaning - Facebook Post
Spring Cleaning - Flyer/Coupon
Spring Cleaning - Poster
Spring Cleaning - Twitter Post
Veteran's Day - Banner
Veteran's Day - Facebook Post
Veteran's Day - Flyer/Coupon
Veteran's Day - Poster
Veteran's Day - Twitter Post
Windmaster Frame
New Year (Start Fresh) - Facebook Post
New Year (Start Fresh) - Poster
Fight Like A Girl (Breast Cancer Awareness) - Flyer/Coupon
Happy Holidays - Facebook Post
Clean Start to the School Year - Poster
Customer Appreciation (November) - Banner
Customer Appreciation (November) - Facebook Post
Customer Appreciation (November) - Flyer/Coupon
Customer Appreciation (November) - Poster
Customer Appreciation (November) - Twitter Post
Fight Like A Girl (Breast Cancer Awareness) - Banner
Fight Like A Girl (Breast Cancer Awareness) - Facebook Post
Clean Start to the School Year - Flyer/Coupon
Fight Like A Girl (Breast Cancer Awareness) - Poster
Fight Like A Girl (Breast Cancer Awareness) - Twitter Post
Happy Holidays - Banner
Happy Holidays - Flyer/Coupon
Happy Holidays - Poster
Happy Holidays - Twitter Post
Lucky You! (March) - Banner
Lucky You! (March) - Facebook Post
Lucky You! (March) - Flyer/Coupon
Lucky You! (March) - Poster
Lucky You! (March) - Twitter Post
Clean Start to the School Year - Facebook Post
Clean Start to the School Year - Banner
Clean Start to the School Year - Twitter Post
Poster Frame
Sign Foot
Lustra Balloons
Ceiling Danglers
Clip Bear
Lustra Traffic Cone
Grand Opening Decal
Now Open Decal
Coming Soon Decal
Lustra Hat
Standing Message Bear - Dry Erase
Lustra Pennant
Lustra Static Cling