Blend 207

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Commercial Transportation


Ultra Concentrate


Convenience and value, Excellent removal of dirt, oils and road film, Settle small particles from reclaim water giving longer runs between filter cleaning and less water on nozzles and pumps


Highly Effective Reclaim Clarifier, Phosphate chemistry, Ultra concentrated

Product Description

Ultra concentrated liquid component of alkaline presoaks for mostly touchless type of car washes. Intended for use together with Granular Base X-1040 and other Alkaline Bases. Contains highly effective surfactants for maximum cleaning and economics. Product optimized for quick penetration of road film and emulsification of oil components in dirt on car surface. Blend 207  contains special surfactants that help clarify reclaim systems. In addition, product contains additive which allows use of hard water for making presoaks with DF123 High Alkaline Base 123, DF120 LiquiBase 120 and Granular Base XL-1040.

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