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Conventional Concentrate


Commercial Transportation


Attacks mineral soils, Concentrated/Effective, Easy Rinsing, Non-Hydrofluoric, Titratable


Does not have toxicity or extreme dangers of acidic fluoride detergents such those containing Hydrofluoric Acid or Ammonium Bifluoride, Excellent removal of soils, oils, road film and brightener of non-polished aluminum surfaces, Performs in even the tough conditions, aiding in the removing the toughest soils, Quickly determine dilution ratios, Reduces drying time for vehicle wash applications with dryers


55 Gallon Drum


Bus Transit, Commercial Trucking, Municipal Wash, Solid Waste

Product Description

A low pH detergent designed for use in a two-step Acid / Alkaline presoak system, effective in touchless (including truck washes and trains/railcars), hybrid, and friction systems. Also can be used as a bumper prep application. When used with a high pH presoak (recommend InterGreen™, BriTec®, and TransClean®) it will produce an easier rinsing vehicle and aid in the removal of calcium spots from the vehicles.

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