InterGreen® EC Concentrated Alkaline Detergent

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Biodegradable, Concentrated/Effective, Full compatibility, Reclaim clarifier, Titratable


Acceptable to waste water treatment., Excellent removal of soils, oils, road film, and brightener of non-polished aluminum surfaces., No scum build-up or performance loss in “in-bay” reclaim systems., Quickly determine dilution ratios, Settles small particles out of reclaim water giving longer runs between filter cleaning and there is less wear on nozzles, pumps, and other ancillary equipment.


Commercial Transportation


Conventional Concentrate


55 Gallon Drum, 250 Gallon Tote

Product Description

A high alkaline, concentrated, liquid presoak and high pressure detergent. Designed for frictionless systems (including pressure washer applications), but also aids in hybrid and friction systems.

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