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Lustra® Optimize 410 4X1GL

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Additional Information

Car Wash Types

Friction Tunnel, IBA Friction, IBA Touchless, Touchless Tunnel


Ultra Concentrate




Convenience and value, Long lasting water beading, Produces drier cars, Protective barrier, increasing vehicle's surface gloss, Quickly determine dilution ratio


Beading ability, Fast water break, High gloss finish, Titratable, Ultra concentrated

Product Description

Optimize is a new “surface enhancement” application designed to be applied before the finishing products to aid in drying and further improve the performance of shine and protection products. Optimize a unique foaming super sealant which delivers very high foam volume together with optimum pH to car surface. It is a fast crashing, low pH foaming protection product that speeds drying and delivers amazing protection and a deep glossy shine. It can be effectively used in tunnel and in-bay automatic washes. It is fortified with silicone-based functional additives that provide substantive surface protection to the vehicle surface.



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