Tire Jelly™

SKU: 1707

Additional Information

Car Wash Types

Friction Tunnel, Touchless Tunnel


Conventional Concentrate




Blue color, Silicone components, Unique consistency, Water based


Easy application with sponge or swabby, Long lasting shine enhances customer appeal, Non-slinging formula – clings on tires, Reduces visible residue on raised white letters


4 Gallon Case, 30 Gallon Drum

Product Description

Water based silicone tire dressing Tire Jelly™ is fully developed with extreme/long-lasting shine. Unique active ingredient makes product stay longer on tire surface with less sling. Product can be easily applied with hand applicators, spray bottles and on-line tire dressing machines using pads, sponges or rotating brushes. Use minimum amount of product to have optimum shine.

Safety Data Sheet